SUSU Bridge Crossbody Mochila

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SUSU Bridge Crossbody Mochila

  • From the earthiest Fall/Winter Collection from SUSU Accessories, Urban Fantasy. Inspired by the architectural lines of Bogota's skyline, modernist art pieces, and Wayúu soul.
  • Versatile BUCKET bag that can be used as a cross-body or as a shoulder bag. Our Mochila is hand knitted half point crochet with hand-woven straps. 100% fair trade!
  • SUSU means what travels with you in the Wayúu language. This SUSU is the perfect accessory to complement any outfit or to make a fashion statement.
  • The perfect very high-quality Bucket Bag is here at, and it never looked so good. A variety of colors are available with a range of styles--simple, classic, edgy--you'll be sure to find your favorite and customize it with care: with plenty of pockets for all your essentials; or without any compartments for an easy go-along style! There's plenty on offer no matter what type of lady you happen to be. The Bucket Bag is designed and manufactured by Susu Accessories, a Chicago Fair Trade business member. They work directly with over 350 Wayuu artisans; all breadwinner women, whose techniques have been passed down for generations from mothers to daughters
  • A simple yet sophisticated handbag that is perfect for when you're feeling stylish but don't want to carry a bulky bag. The natural wool feels gentle on your skin and the beautiful colors can make any outfit complete. Handmade using a single-string technique. Each one-of-a-kind piece takes up to 40 hours to make. The ancestral woven technique used guarantees the bag and strand will not lose their shape with use. Every Bucket Bag has a different base, representing the inspirational signature that the artisan embodies, and making each one unique. The Bucket Bag is the result of combining an avant-garde design by Susu Accessories with a traditional Wayuu knitting technique from Colombia. Raw materials are chosen to ensure that colors do not fade and that strands do not loosen.
  • This Bucket Bag has traveled more than 2000 miles by truck and plane away from the hands of the Wayuu artisans in the Guajira, a region in the Northern part of Colombia straight to you. When you buy one or two of these bags, you are only showing your sophisticated style with a bold statement, but you are supporting real families who are working hard to help you look fantastic.


  • Diameter: 22cm
  • Height: 27cm
  • Max Strap drop: 57.5cm adjustable
  • Diameter: 8.66" x Height: 10.62" inches. Max strap drop: 22.6".

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash cold
  • Line dry
SUSU Bridge Crossbody Mochila