Common eCommerce mistakes that must be avoided

Common eCommerce mistakes that must be avoided

When it comes to generating revenue for your business, eCommerce is the best way, but it also, there are easy ways to go wrong. While doing business via eCommerce, committing mistakes can negatively affect sales and customer satisfaction. Therefore, avoid the following mistakes.


Lack of social media presence:

Social media is a great marketing tool and it’s completely free. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are relevant promotional mediums that allow people to spread the word about your website. You just need to add social sharing buttons on every product page.

Social media also works as a customer service strategy for eCommerce business. Customers expect a quick response on social media and give quick feedback through it. By ignoring social media, you can miss the chance to connect with your customers and prospects.

Poor customer service:

Unsatisfactory customer service is the most common mistake that must be avoided by an online business. If you don’t treat your customers properly, they'll start looking for the same product on other websites.

Poor customer service, like not answering emails, delays in delivering the products, not responding to customer questions, or delivering the wrong goods should be avoided.

Be sure to make customer service easy for customers to get their questions answered. You can enable live chat, or add a feedback widget on your website to improve customer service and the shopper’s experience.

Not leveraging the power of visuals:

Product visuals are the only way for customers to clearly understand what they are purchasing online. Visuals are very essential for an eCommerce website.

Having high-quality product images and videos on your website helps customers make decisions because products on sale can’t be touched, nor felt online.

Try to include product images from different angles or give a 360-degree view of your product using high-quality photography. You just need to invest some time to capture the right pictures of your products and put them throughout your website to encourage people to see your product offers and buy them.

Ineffective call-to-action:

Adding an ineffective call-to-action or too many calls-to-action on every website page is the most common mistake that most eCommerce sites often make. Proper use of call-to-action buttons helps to maximize your sales by catching your visitor’s attention.

Be sure to have a clear call-to-action on your landing page, otherwise, customers will leave your site without performing the desired action.

Avoid these above common mistakes to succeed in your eCommerce business. 

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How to boost eCommerce sales

For every business, boosting sales is a very critical thing, but it doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to increase sales. Small efforts can make a big difference. Some of the best tips for maximizing eCommerce sales are stated below.

Use high-quality photography for your products:

Using high-quality photography is one of the most neglected and underutilized aspects on most websites. Having effective photography doesn’t mean you need to hire a professional photographer.

It can be done by simply investing time to capture the right pictures of your products to encourage people to view your product offers and buy them.

Be persistent with your pictures to make the browsing and shopping experience more interesting on your eCommerce website.

Promote your products on your homepage:

When it comes to boosting product sales, use your website homepage to promote your products and services. If you have the latest products, try to showcase them on your homepage to attract more visitors. Top-rated eCommerce websites promote their products on their homepage to entice visitors to buy their products.

Make sure to keep your homepage fresh and up-to-date with the most popular products that can help boost sales.

Encourage and promote reviews:

Reviews are a very essential part of most eCommerce businesses. Many online shoppers don’t buy anything until they look at reviews from other people who have already purchased that product.

You should make it as easy as possible for your customers to give feedback about your products, and encourage them to promote it to others to help build your company’s reputation. 

Make sure the reviews are easy to find and on every product page.

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Use video:

This is also one of the best ways to promote your products and boost sales. Rather than just showcasing a picture and information about your business, you can use video to show a depth look at actual products in a real-life setting.

You can promote the overall company or the latest products by adding videos on an actual product page. Try to use short video clips of your products. If necessary, you can increase the video’s length to show your best videos. 

Apart from these simple ways, you can also increase sales on your eCommerce website by improving your SEO, creating excellent product descriptions, offering discounts, connecting your business with social media, creating blogs, and making your site is mobile friendly.

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