Shipping Info

Shipping info


We research great product for you to enjoy on an unbeatable price. We are lucky you found us and we appreciate your business. From the bottom of our heart, we THANK YOU for your business 😍

1. Do all your items ship within the USA?
NO. We have 3 different shipping facilities in Florida, Virginia, and Singapore, so different items may be shipped from different warehouses depending on the item being ordered. This is just because I cannot afford to hold big inventories.

2. Am I charged extra for shipping back-ordered items?
NO. There are no additional shipping charges for back-ordered items that ship separately from the original order. Back-ordered items are sent via Standard Shipping.

3. How long does it take for my order to be shipped?
We ship all orders as quickly as possible, please allow 24-72 hours for us to process (Received, Sort, and Ship) your order. But please note that there may be processing delays during sales events and peak shopping days. As a small business, we have to do all process by a human and it might take us a while. We thank you in advance for your generosity and patience

Here is more detail 😜

😜 Depend on the product, an order can take between 7 to 15 days from the order day to customer front door.

😜 It takes me 3 days to process an order after I received from my customer

----If I have the bag with me in Virginia warehouse, I ship it to the customer right away 4 days shipping USPS 3 days + 4 days =7 days
----If the bag is not here with me but in my Florida warehouse, I send the order to them after processing then they ship it to the customer = 3 days + 2 days + 4 days = 9 days
----if the bag order is not either here in VA or in FL, I sent the order to my Singapore warehouse to fulfill the order for me and ship it to the customer for me = 6 to 15 days

Special event could affect the shipping with delays: Pandemic and other World events. Trust me, your item(s) will arrive 

As you can see on the site, I have over 500 hundred products and many more variations. Therefore, I cannot get them all here with me in my warehouse in VA for 3 days shipping.

4. How long does it take for my order to arrive?
Free standard shipping on all orders. Orders shipped are typically shipped within 24-72 hours and arrive in 6-10 business days excluding order received, order prep, and order sent to warehouse for shipping. Look at above 3 for more detail

After shipment:
Once your package has been shipped out, we will not be able to edit the address. Please reach out to us

5. How can I track my order?
Once your order is shipped out, we will send you an email automatically, please check your mailbox and special attention to spams as they have a habit of hiding themselves there...

We at bellabydesignllc strives to bring you better products with great value - work with us and both of us will benefit 

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